Many businesses send press releases to bloggers hoping to get featured on their blogs and shared on social media. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a blogger will run with the story and many of them hit the delete key before even finishing reading the press release.

Other businesses spend thousands of dollars on advertising, with no guarantee that their target market will see or act on it.

PR companies will be asked to arrange expensive launches to entice bloggers along to an event in the hope that they will post about the product, and it is at the blogger’s discretion whether they will post or not, so there is no guarantee. Until now!

Whatever your marketing story 3W offers the solution to your marketing woes with:

  • Guaranteed exposure with a minimum 200,000 online reach
  • Guaranteed measurability with online tracking
  • Affordable packages
  • High Quality online content that is targeted to your audience

Why spend thousands of dollars putting on an event, with no guarantees that influencers will even turn up?

If you’re still not convinced see for yourself how 3W compares:

How does 3w Social Media Compare?

3W’s price includes everything you need for successful online publicity. For our flat fee, that is a fraction of the cost of other marketing:

  • 3W will take a detailed brief about what your message is
  • Engage at least five 3W bloggers to write about your product/service on the same day (note bloggers will be chosen with the right fit to your business)
  • Bloggers will share on their own social media on the day of release
  • Bloggers will also share each other’s posts on their own social media
  • 3W will  blog and share each the Blog Team’s posts

Contact us today to discuss how we can get your brand in front of five (or more) influential bloggers with a guarantee of blog posts and social media share.

With 3W Social Media you don’t need to gamble your money.